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I believe you can know a lot about a person by learning about things he or she does for entertainment. I watch a lot of movies. I prefer dystopian sci-fi stories and hope to write my own one day. The movies listed below I have watched a gazillion times. They have inspired me and my creativity. I also love watching any Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler flick.

* * * * * * * * * SCI-FI MOVIES * * * * * * * * *

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK * My favorite superhero, Riddick the Furyan. He doesn’t want to help anyone but himself, but ends up protecting others. I love how he kills a rapist with a teacup to protect Kyra. “Furyans, deviant to the end.”

CHICKEN LITTLE * The absolutely best animated film to date, Chicken Little is rich with humor and symbolism. Sci-fi geeks should love the alien theme too.

DONNIE DARKO * Although, I can’t say I understand it. The director’s cut is really trippy. Does Donnie have schizophrenia, or is he a superhero? This film’s psychological issues include: death, delusions, antisocial behavior, child porn, alcohol abuse, harassment, and relationships.

THE MATRIX * What a brillant trilogy with philosophical and religious themes. The first question this film asks is what path will you choose, freedom/truth (red pill) or bondage/security (blue pill). Neo accepts the red pill and becomes an Orwellian renegade. He takes his stand and ultimately dies for his cause. I don’t know if I could ever do that. I like my comfy lifestyle.

EQUILIBRIUM * This film is pure dystopian sci-fi at its best! Emotions are not permitted. Society is controlled by a pharmaceutical drug injected at mandatory times throughout the day. Beauty, love, art, literature, and all forms of creativity are forbidden. How extreme! Visual effects of this movie are great, despite all the violence.

GATTACA * A good nature vs. nurture type of dystopian film. If you could select the healthier and stronger aptitute genes of your future child, would you? Maybe I would. The biometric tests used in the story will probably be reality one day.

STAR WARS * I guess Joseph Campbell (one brillant dude) explains this series the best. He said that Star Wars begins our new myths in outer space.

ULTRAVIOLET * Vivid colors makes this film stand out from other sci-fi’s.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT * This movie is just plain fun.

THE ISLAND *  I love the chase for survival.



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