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Job August 3, 2019

Posted by fmmh in : Ramblings , trackback

I start my new job with FedEx training Monday. Totally idiotic I picked a strenuous job, and I’ve been disabled for 15 years. Always setting myself up for failure, with disillusionment types of challenges for me. Hopefully I can just hang on long enough to become stronger. I’ll do anything but clerical work, which I’m most qualified but I despise. I don’t even know how long I can stand, let alone lift all those packages.

Joined the military at 27 and kept up with all the 18 years old kiddos. I know how to endure bullshit and not complain.

Keep telling myself this will be a good paid exercise program for me. I lost 180 lbs so far. I’d like to lose another 30 and keep muscle tone.

Still feeling like a loser. If I can hang in there til next year, I think I might start feeling better about myself. Maybe.


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