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VA appts June 9, 2019

Posted by fmmh in : Ramblings , trackback

I should be in bed, asleep. Nervous about doctor appointments tomorrow at the VA. Need to schedule a followup MRI with Neurology because either I had another seizure or my sleep disorder isn’t being addressed. I bit my tongue a few times so hard with no recollection again. Also I had bumps on my head like I fell and didn’t remember those either. I hate this shit never knowing what’s wrong with me. Hate going to the VA but at least they love making appointments with me. Creeeps me out every time I go there, all the old men hit on me and constantly give me attention. There’s no way I can sneak into my appointment and not be noticed since few women ever go there to appointments. Plus I’m always looking clueless and lost and stupid, like a red flag “we’ve got a live one.”


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