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Beach escape June 7, 2019

Posted by fmmh in : Ramblings , trackback

Made it to the beach before DC metro & Bay Bridge traffic sucked.

The hotels were virtually booked so the place I have is first floor with back porch right out to the sand dunes — which block my view of the ocean. I’m not sure if I like this setup but as my best friend always says “beggars can’t be choosers.”

Local liquor store didn’t have a big bottle of my vodka so I’m drinking from the mini bottles. Not too thrilled to walk my ass over to the bar because I have no chaperone to watch over me. I know better than to chill with those fools, the music ain’t too great anywayssss.

I mostly came here to swim in the ocean. Gonna sleep like a baby tonight and wake up late. Maybe go to that pink restaurant for some crepes and coffee. Then go get my swim on.

Ate so much the last couple of weeks, the exercise will be good for me. Blame the munchies on the psych meds (yep, I’m actually complying to the docs medical advice, imagine that! It’s a very low dose of crazy med and a movement disorder med—-the real reason I’m still compliant is because my tremors and anxiety have reduced a bit). Take a beach stroll at sundown. Maybe a few photos.

Right now I’m a little bummed I’m alone at the beach. Still stuck on that stupid fantasy, seeing her again. The statistical odds of that happening this weekend is worse than the lottery, I suppose. Delusional me will always hope. I’m way north from where The Universe told me to go. I couldn’t drive to Myrtle Beach this time.

Goddamn I forgot about the double sign I received again about that stupid beach. Talking to The Universe again and saw two significant synchronicities right after I asked a question about meeting her.

Seems the future is not predetermined but possibilities can align up to your favor. I like how the bible calls the timing of God in the allegorical description of “times and seasons.” It seems to me to be accurate in precognition or prophecy.

I feel this season I’m in is a better one. The Universe assured me I’d definitely met her HER —- whoever the fuck that is —- soon, maybe before 2 years, if I don’t fuck around. But the The Universe keeps fucking around with me, placing awesome people in my path to distract me from The One.

I keep thinking this journey will make an excellent novel. Some delusional old lady believing she’ll me her HER, and going crazy every April to find her HER, going through hormonal menopause [blah blah blah this part too funny to write in blog].

I’ll stop writing now and drink one more doopie doo.


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