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Do Not Delete April 4, 2019

Posted by fmmh in : Ramblings , add a comment

I need an art journal BUT I’m scared of writing anything down on paper due to things I’ve written while manic.

Animation/Script ideas:

The Elephant storyteller

The marriage of the frog

The frog in the jar

The turkey vulture

Hillbillies in a mosh pit

A.I. seeking integration into the broken, the outcasts, the lonely to improve society; becomes a love story

Aliens using retrocausality to improve the human genome, seeking direct descendants of the progenitors, influencing their opportunities for ideal mates

Pink’s “Hey Baby” on Barbra


That really fuckup narrative Eva told you about relaying Messages in the “Bottle” —- via The Doctor. OMG.

And how Eva rolled for 2 hours talking about all these alternative holographic worlds, where everything they tried was undone by even children purposely glitching the code, breaking firewalls, no mission statement was respectable to establish a world with even the most trustworthy selected individuals, however they’d continue to test each newly defined mission statement and code, in hopes to create a new fun and safe world, with borders defined and unbreakable only because the society loved it that way

Barbra’s musical mashup with non-stop “I wonder” like It’s a Small World, but not

Holographic vampire hades where everyone wanted to go play, even the enlightened and ascended masters were sucked in
(So many versions of vampire hades…)

The best animation script written on last day of class, where I dumped the frog artwork and went minimalist…
The origin of coming into being. Starts with the cursor blinking and interacting with the writer.